· Dec 26, 2019

File System

Hello All,

I am working on Files where I have to compare contents of two files and display result.
e.g Suppose file1 contains data in Name and Roll form and file2 contains data in name and class form, so it should compare name from file1 and file2 and display those matching data(Name,Roll,class).

I have piece of idea about file system so any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


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A few questions:

  • You didn't mention what format these files are in -- XML? flat-file/CSV? Something else?
  • Which InterSystems product are you working with and what kind of application is this (interoperability production, web service, etc.)?

If these are flat-files or CSV, and if you're working with a Health Connect or IRIS interoperability production, you can look at using the Record Mapper, which will read a flat file using a format you define and allow you to work with records from the file as objects:

If the files are XML you can do something similar by importing an XSD and using XML virtual documents, or use %XML.Adaptor methods: