· Oct 25, 2022

FHIR sandbox available for Trakcare?

Hi All,
I am a product owner for a 3rd party healthcare product.
We have built FHIR integrations with Cerner and EPIC using their FHIR sandboxes and would like to do the same for Trakcare.

Essentially we can lookup a patient record on the FHIR sandbox and import their demographics into our product. Switch out the sandbox credentials for production and we can integrate directly into the customers data.

Does a similar service exist for Trakcare?

I am new to the InterSystems ecosystem and am struggling to fathom which service does what. I have seen the documentation about FHIR servers etc, but it seems like this is more for the Trakcare user to spin up, not a 3rd party vendor.

Any assistance, or pointers towards docs/videos would be super helpful.

Many Thanks, Rob

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