[FEEDBACK] I don't like the current tag system

DC Feedback

I don't feel strongly enough about it to hate it, but I prefer the typical auto-complete, free-form tagging system seen on most sites (see StackOverflow for the perfect example).  The nested dropdowns are just too cumbersome in my opinion.


Another point is that with the current system someone has to maintain the list and heierarchy of tags.  Why not crowd-source it?

Hi Scott! Totally agree with you. Please see our updates. We will introduce more clear to use and understand tag system on this place. Hope you'll like it.

Tagging will be improved in a number of ways including driving ALL of the content using it and away from the "discussion group" style of display. Getting this all functional so that documentation is also granular enough and tagged in an efficient manner will take some time.

Not so sure about the crowd-sourcing method and/or being smart about suggesting tags. We need to build up a body of content and participation to get that functioning well, so it may be more suitable in the long term once we get some network effect going. It would be interesting to apply some AI to make tag suggestions.

We will at least have a "browse by tag" functionality but it's uncertain if this will just be a simple list vs. the "cloud" style of display.