Derek Robinson · Sep 26, 2016

Featured InterSystems Video: OAuth 2.0 Overview

Click here to view our OAuth 2.0 Overview

InterSystems created this video as a high-level overview of OAuth 2.0 technology, geared toward developers looking to learn the basics of OAuth 2.0.  It will teach you how OAuth 2.0 works, what roles are involved, what benefits it can provide, and how InterSystems Caché can be used with this technology.

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This is a very nice and well produced video. But it jumps into explaining about how OAuth works without every stating what OAuth is. It assumes that whoever watches the video knows what OAuth is.

It would be nice to have a paragraph or two just explaining what this application is.

It is not my intention to throw stones, but this seems to be a pattern in InterSystems documentation, explaining how something works without first explaining what it is. I guess they assume if they explain how it works, we will understand what it is. Not necessarily so.

I know I am going to get hammered for this, but it is true.

Hi Mike, thanks for your feedback!  The audience we were targeting with this video mostly included developers looking to understand how OAuth 2.0 works, with an assumed understanding of what it generally is.  But you raise a good point, and we've added a short description on the course page above the video.

While it isn't a very thorough dive into the what, it provides a little background.  Ultimately, our goal was to answer the how and why when it comes to OAuth 2.0.  Thanks for your input!

The new introduction is exactly what I had in mind, thank you.