Exporting components of DeepSee

Hi community,

When I export the cube and the pivots that I made and import to another environment , the calculated metrics and dimension and also de pivot variable didn´t appear in the other environment. Because of this the pivot that use these metrics show error when you try to open. 

I want to know that this behavior is normal or exist a way that you can export everything, independent if you build inside the cube or inside analyzer.  


Jaqueline Krieger

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That happened because calculated members and pivot variables are stored in globals. One way to export folder items together with related supporting items is to follow the procedure described here:


Hi, Jaqueline!

You also can consider using isc-dev import/export tool.

Install it in USER and map into %ALL (to make it runnable from any namespace), set up the tool like this:

d ##class(sc.code).workdir("/your/project/src")

Enter your project namespace and  call:

d ##class(sc.code).export()

And the tool will export (along with classes) all the DeepSee components you have in Namespace including pivots, dashboards, term lists, pivot variables and calculation members in folders like:





So you can use it with your CVS tool and see commit history, diffs, etc.

To import everything from the source folder into new namespace use:

d ##class(sc.code).import()

or standard $SYSTEM.OBJ.ImportDir() method.