Tim Miller · Apr 28, 2019

Establishing SOAP interface with Immunization Registry (CAIR)

Hello all,

Been doing Ensemble for a while but I am struggling with this SOAP set up.

Currently in Cloverleaf, we are taking the HL7 feed out of Epic, and then we put the SOAP wrapper around it.  Then using a CAIR provided wsdl, we seem to be using a JKS file and a PFX file to send the data to CAIR (

Here is what I have done so far: I used the SOAP wizard with the wsdl file to create a new Operation.

My questions are these:

- I believe I need to change the JKS file into a PEM file in order to use it with Ensemble?

- Then, do I upload that PEM file into the Credentials portion of Ensemble to use my new operation?

- Does the PFX file come into play at all or is everything taken care of in the JKS\PEM file?

- Any recommendations on Ensemble tutorials or classes to figure all this out (I am an HL7 guy but not so much SOAP \ SSL)?


Tim Miller

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Are you trying to add TLS (aka SSL) to your connection, or use WS-Security?  Which steps to take next depend on which of those you're trying to set up.

If you're trying to add TLS, you'll want to create an SSL/TLS configuration, and use that in the operation.   You can find information about these configurations in the documentation.  You'll likely also want to read up on certificates in order to understand which files to put in the configuration.  It sounds like you already have some certificates (PFX is a certificate format), but I'm not certain whether that is your certificate or the CA certificate for the other side.

The TLS configuration information above assumes your operation is one end of the connection.  That's likely since you're sending the data instead of receiving it.  If you were receiving it, you'd want to understand whether your webserver was the endpoint.

Thanks Katherine,

We are using TSL to connect.

I will dig in the documentation some more.  I started getting all the acronyms mixed up and had to come up for air.  :)  My typical extent is IP address, port, and HL7.