Muni Ganesh · Apr 11, 2020

Error while importing package manager XML file in IRIS instance in Windows 10

Hi, I have installed IRIS community version in my laptop which has Windows 10 OS, also I am already using Healthshare (Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2017.2.1 (Build 801_3_18178U)) in the same laptop. I tried to import objectscript package manager XML file which is downloaded from . I am getting below output which installation failed. Please help to fix this. Thanks in advance ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Importing Selected Classes from C:\Users\muniganesh\Downloads\zpm.xml Import to Namespace USER. Load started on 04/11/2020 12:41:44 Loading file C:\Users\muniganesh\Downloads\zpm.xml as xml Imported class: %ZPM.Installer, using up to 8 worker jobs Compiling class %ZPM.Installer Compiling routine %ZPM.Installer.1 Extract package Install ZPM 2020-04-11 12:41:50 0 %ZPM.Installer: Installation starting at 2020-04-11 12:41:50, LogLevel=3 2020-04-11 12:41:50 3 Evaluate: ${MODDIR}src -> C:\Windows\Temp\v0K4JQL1\src 2020-04-11 12:41:50 3 SetVariable: SRCDIR=C:\Windows\Temp\v0K4JQL1\src\ 2020-04-11 12:41:50 3 SetVariable: REGISTRY= 2020-04-11 12:41:50 3 SetVariable: TRACKINGID=UA-126752118-1 2020-04-11 12:41:50 3 Evaluate: ${SRCDIR}inc/_ZPM/PackageManager/ -> C:\Windows\Temp\v0K4JQL1\src\inc/_ZPM/PackageManager/ 2020-04-11 12:41:50 1 Import: Loading C:\Windows\Temp\v0K4JQL1\src\inc/_ZPM/PackageManager/ (isdir=0) into %SYS, recurse=0 Load started on 04/11/2020 12:41:50 ERROR #5012: File 'C:\Windows\Temp\v0K4JQL1\src\inc/_ZPM/PackageManager/' does not exist Detected 1 errors during load. 2020-04-11 12:41:50 0 %ZPM.Installer: ERROR #5012: File 'C:\Windows\Temp\v0K4JQL1\src\inc/_ZPM/PackageManager/' does not exist 2020-04-11 12:41:50 0 %ZPM.Installer: Installation failed at 2020-04-11 12:41:50 2020-04-11 12:41:50 0 %Installer: Elapsed time .052658s Time spent .540756 Load finished successfully. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Hi Muni,
Thanks for the report, it looks like some bug, we'll check it. 
For future best to report such things as an issues in the repo.

Hi Muni!

While it's being repaired you can use IRIS CE build with ZPM inside:

docker pull intersystemsdc/iris-community

Hi Evgeny,

Thanks for your response. I tried given  command, but I am getting error response as below. Could you please suggest me if I doing something wrong.

Oh, sorry about that! Here is the valid string:

docker run --name my-iris --publish 9092:52773 -d intersystemsdc/iris-community:2020.

and then 

$ docker exec -it my-iris iris session IRIS

and to run zpm:



Hi Evgeny,

Wow !! superb, its working now, thank you very much.