Prajesh Patel · Mar 8

Error when Creating a Parameter in PowerBI using Cache ODBC

Hello, I am using the power bi report builder tool to create a report with dynamic parameters. Every time I try to create and apply a parameter in power bi query editor. I get the below listed error message. 

FYI: I have created a Data source connection using "InterSystems ODBC" Version 2015.01.00.429. I am getting data without any issue. 

Query: select Payment_History.OCCURENCE_DATE from Payment_History  where Payment_History.OCCURENCE_DATE >= @BeginDate

Error Message: ERROR [42000] [Cache ODBC][State : 37000][Native Code 12]
[C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.PowerBIReportBuilder_15.7.1801.0_x64__8w]
[SQLCODE: <-12>:<A term expected, beginning with one of the following: identifier, constant, aggregate, $$, :, (, +, -, %ALPHAUP, %EXACT, %MVR, %SQLSTRING, %SQLUPPER, %STRING, %TRUNCATE, or %UPPER>]
[Location: <Prepare>]
[%msg: < A term expected, beginning with either of:  identifier, constant, aggregate, $$, (, :, +, -, %ALPHAUP, %EXACT, %MVR %SQLSTRING, %SQLUPPER, %STRING, %TR

Any help to resolve this issue will be greatly appreciated. 


Product version: Caché 2015.1
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