· Jun 26, 2017

error trying to query FHIR repository



I get always the following error when I query our FHIR repository with a specific TAG




ERROR #5002: Cache error: <INVALID OREF>zSearch+86 ^HS.FHIR.Repository.Operations.1

I've deleted rows from cache database. On the table HS_FHIR_Repository_Resource.Encounter as we had duplicate records...


Any help would be great


Kind Regards,

Joao Palma

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Hi Joao,

Probably what has happened is you've corrupted the resource storage by doing a physical delete against the storage table.  If you need to delete a resource in the resource repository, the correct way to do this is via the delete interaction:

STU3 is the current version of FHIR.  The version currently supported by HealthShare is DSTU2.