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Ensemble XML VDoc Schema Editing

This article explains how Atelier helps you to improve software development productivity. One of the Ensemble features is the VDoc infrastructure. When someone develops HL7 v2.* production, She/ He is in a luxurious situation because Ensemble comes with a HL7 Schema editor. On the other hand this is not the case with XML VDocs. But with some effort you can turn Atelier to a handy XSD editor and close the gap.

Please follow the step-by-step guide to complete the job.

Before you read

Please make sure that you have

n  Ensemble 2016.2 or later installed

n  Atelier matching the server version


Please install the following package using Atelier Help -> Install New Software… menu point.

n  Eclipse XML Editors and Tools


To create a new XSD file use Atelier New -> Other -> XSD file. Put the new file into the CSP folder tree. This folder is shared by the Atelier and Ensemble Management Portal.

After saving the XSD file to server, it is ready to be used by Ensemble. Activate the Ensemble Management Portal -> Interoperate -> XML -> XML Schema Structures menu point and click on the Import button. Select the XSD file in the CSP folder tree.

Happy XSD editing.

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