Scott Beeson · Jul 28, 2016

Empty email digests

I get email digests like this every few days.


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Hi, Scott.

There was a bug in subscriptions.

In your subscriptions overview you should see  0 for  Content type subscriptions.

I just cleared that for you, hope you will not get any silly notifications.


If you get annoying email notifications and cannot turn them off, please contact me, or comment in this post.

Hi Evgeny,

I still receive quite a lot of e-mails "[InterSystems Developer Community] Subscriptions Digest for Michal Tomek".

How can I control it? 

My address the community portal sends the digests to is:  Michal.Tomek1407" <>



Hi, Michal! Just fixed it for you.

You had the subscription to content types due to the bug, like described here.

Now you have "healthy" subscription to new posts only (one time) and you can turn it off in your settings page.