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Empowering the user to find the perfect dataset

Hi everyone,

I want to talk about our project and use the dataset theme for this contest.

Our intention never was to be a data curator, especially because sometimes my precious data means a lot for me, but not for the rest of the world.

My Precious

We want to go a step further and empower the user to find the perfect dataset for their needs.

Our project is a bridge between the data science community and the developer's community using InterSystems IRIS to achieve this mission.

The image below it's the initial page for you. You can search for any topic, and you can see the datasets that are related to it.

Initial Search

Just click on the magnifying glass icon next to Socrates mascot, the search bar will appear and you can start searching for any topic.

Initial Search

But remember, the search value is required, so you can't search for "nothing". If you try to search for an empty string, will be notified like the alert image below:

Empty Search

Searching for a specific topic, will fill the datatable with the datasets that are related to it.

Here it's a demo video showing how you choose a dataset, look for the details, download and install it.
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If you liked the app and think we deserve your vote, please vote for iris-kaggle-socrata-generator!

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