Tom Philippi · Jan 31, 2018

DSN does not show up on InterSystems Ensemble SQL Gateway configuration.

I am running InterSystems Ensemble 2016.2 on ubuntu and trying to connect to a remote MS SQL server database.

Insofar, I have successfully configured my ubuntu machine to connect to the remote MS SQL server database using unix-odbc. That is:

  • Telnet connection works
  • tsql (test sql) connection works
  • isql command succesfully connects to sql server and I am able to execute queries on ubuntu.
  • The DSN for the isql command are defined in /etc/odbc.ini and /etc/odbcinst.ini and should be available systemwide.
  • The DSN in the odbcinst.ini uses the microsoft odbc driver 13 for Sql Server for linux. 

However, when I access the sql gateway in the management portal the DSN configured in /etc/odbc.ini does not show up. Does anyone know how I can expose my DSN defined in /etc/obdc.ini to Ensemble? I already tried creating a shortcut in /intersystems/mgr directory named cacheodbc.ini (as described here:!topic/intersystems-public-cache/4__Xch...), but insofar no success :(.

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The first thing I'd check are the permissions on these files. If you created them as root, they might not be readable for other users?