· Nov 17, 2016

DrawTableError in Management Portal SQL Utility

i have this error

DrawTableError : <MAXSTRING> zDrawTable+349^%CSP.Util.TablePane.2

perhaps i have the possibility of Deleting all history queries, but i think better to check the table where last queries were stored and solve it by deleting wrong registries. anybody knows where is the table 'QueryHistory'.

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Well, that's a new one.  

Do you have Long Strings enabled on this installation?  If not, you should.  It will fix this problem, but also increases the max size a string can be from 32KB to something like 3.1MB, which allows a lot more flexibility in your development decisions.  But that's another thing.

To delete your query history you can run the following code in Caché terminal:

NSP>k ^%sqlcq("NSP","SMPQueryHistory")

Where NSP is the name of your namespace that's having this problem.  You can also clear history from the Management Portal, though I expect you cannot get there with this error. Let me know if this works - if not I would advise you to open a new WRC issue by going to, emailing, or calling 617-621-0700.  If you're lucky, you might even get to talk to me! :-)