Stephen De Gabrielle · Nov 22, 2018

Domains to whitelist to allow Atelier updates?


I've been going through the instructions at  

Our development team are on the main hospital infrastructure so we need to whitelist any plugin repositories that Eclipse will need to get updates from.

I believe I need to whitelist the sites that host the both the Atelier and Eclipse plugin repositories:

1. Atelier repositories: stable and beta are currently hosted at
but that site has 'Deprecation of domain' notice.

Deprecation of domain

By June 30, 2017, JFrog Artifactory Cloud will use a new domain:, and the domain will be deprecated. To continue accessing your server, you need to  update the URL accordingly. For example if your server name is X and you used to access your server through, then after the change, the entry point to your server will be

Any attempts to access the old domain will be automatically redirected to All builds that point to this domain will fail since the artifacts will not be found and the response returned to the build server will be an HTML page instead of the JSON object that the build info library expects.

2. Eclipse repositories: Which domains do I need to whitelist? is sufficient for Atelier or should it be broader: * 

3. Are there any other domains I should whitelist - e.g. are there specific plugins that are useful for Ensemble/HealthShare development. (FHIR/REST)

P.S. I'm thinking I might need to whitelist so I can use REST and other plugins not included in Eclipse PHoton JavaScript & Web developer  

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Whitelist for Atelier.

  • *
  •  (soon to be retired)
  •  (new domain for * domains)

This might be help if (like me) you work at a hospital with very strict network security.  Without whitelisting these domains for my team, the proxy (Trend) detects the JVM binaries and automatically blocks traffic.

The kind staff at the WRC helped me with this question. (WRC staff are amazing)