· Oct 10, 2016

Does anyone else have a dashboard for quick and easy access to key metrics?

We are working to build one.  Without DeepSee.  Regardless of whether you use Deepsee or not, what are some metrics you monitor?

If you don't use DeepSee, what do you use?

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Hi Scott -

A little context might help us help you ;)

Are you talking about operational metrics? (i.e. How much work is my system(s) doing?, How fast are my journals growing? etc.) or are you talking about "What's Stakeholder X's traffic today and of what type?"

There are some MANY things available, it becomes a question of what is the purpose of the measurements so we can figure out where to start getting meaningful values for your business need.

Hi Scott -

Have you looked at the Report Management framework under the Registry Management

(System Management Portal -> HealthShare -> Registry Management)?

Both the "Management Report" definitions, and the "Patient Report" definitions are a good starting point for some things. (Take a look at /csp/docbook/DocBook.UI.Page.cls?KEY=HERPT_ch_management_creating#HERPT_C273872 in the docs of your HealthShare installation)

"Response times" can be a bit tricky, since this is a measurement that would be not something that happens at a single point in the system (i.e. multiple Access Gateways, each having their own "start/stop" events, but only their own)

I'll take a look at those docs, but I really like having direct access to my data so I can use it however I need (for instance in my custom dashboard, in a weekly report, manipulate it in Excel, etc, etc).  I don't want my data to be trapped in Zen or require Cache code to retrieve.

I actually have a SQL query that will give the average response time of a request for a given date range and message type:

SELECT Name, AVG(ResponseTime) as AvgResponse FROM (
        datediff(ms,min(li.TimeCreated),max(lo.TimeCreated)) as ResponseTime
    (Select h1.SessionId, TimeCreated, SAMLData_Organization, FROM ens.messageheader h1,HS_Message.XMLMessage m1 WHERE h1.MessageBodyId = li
    LEFT JOIN (Select h2.SessionId, TimeCreated FROM ens.messageheader h2,HS_Message.XMLMessage m2 WHERE h2.MessageBodyId = lo
    ON li.SessionId = lo.SessionId
WHERE li.TimeCreated >= '2016-10-01' AND li.TimeCreated < '2016-10-02'
GROUP BY li.SessionId