· Apr 5, 2023

Document SDA deletion

Hi Guys,

I have XDSb documents stored in repository and its url stored in Document streamlet in Edge.

Now when document gets deleted from Xdsb repository using XDSb_ removeDocument that goes to repository services.

How can I delete document streamlet of that document.

Any Ideas?

Product version: HealthShare 2020.2
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Yes, there is a repository Edge where we store documents in XDSb repository if I store SDA in this edge it will be associated with Documents Facility.

We what Documents to appear under same facility as of HL7 message Is there any way to achieve that without storing message in HL7 edge?

Whereas if I store Sda in HL7 edge it will store with same facility as of HL7 message.

Now when a remove request comes to repository I need to get the Sda deleted from HL7 Edge as well from streamlet.

But I don't have Patient details.