Hi Developers!

Recently we launched InterSystems Package Manager - ZPM. And one of the intentions of the ZPM is to let you package your solution and submit into the ZPM registry to make its deployment as simple as "install your-package" command.

To do that you need to introduce module.xml file into your repository which describes what is your InterSystems IRIS package consists of.

This article describes different parts of module.xml and will help you to craft your own.

I will start from samples-objectscript package, which installs into IRIS the Sample ObjectScript application and could be installed with:

zpm: USER>install samples-objectscript

It is probably the simplest package ever and here is the module.xml which describes the package:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Export generator="Cache" version="25">
  <Document name="samples-objectscript.MODULE">
      <Resource Name="ObjectScript.PKG"/>

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Hi Developers!

Often I find questions on how to install IRIS, connect to IRIS from IDE, setup the environment, compile, debug, maintain the repository.

Here below possibly the shortest way to set up all the environment and start development with ObjectScript on InterSystems IRIS.


Make sure you have Git, Docker, and VSCode installed

Install Docker and ObjectScript extensions into VSCode

Sign in or Create an account on Github

Here we go!

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Hi Developers!

InterSystems Package Manager (ZPM) is a great thing, but it is even better if you don't need to install it but can use immediately.

There are several ways how to do this and here is one approach of having IRIS container with ZPM builded with dockerfile.

I've prepared a repository which has a few lines in dockerfile which perform the download and install the latest version of ZPM. 

Add these lines to your standard dockerfile for IRIS community edition and you will have ZPM installed and ready to use.

To download the latest ZPM client:

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Hi Developers!

Suppose I have a project where I want to build an IRIS container with two different dockerfiles depending on goals.  How can I make it?

The issue is that docker-compose is looking for the file with name 'dockerfile'

Are there any #IF constrations in a dockerfile syntax? 

Commenting works but sometimes it's more than one line.



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Hi Developers!

This is the digest of new solutions and applications submitted to InterSystems OpenExchange in August 2019!

ToolBox-4-Iris by Richard Zimmermann

API for InterSystems IRIS with a collection of handy and useful tools

iris-history-monitor by Henrique Gonçalves Dias

IRIS History Monitor - monitoring visualization tool for InterSystems IRIS

Nested Set Model by Nikolay Soloviev

Nested Set Model implementation for ObjectScript

SOLID Design with ObjectScript by Sourabh Sethi

Training and Codeset of SOLID Design in ObjectScript

Samples-ObjectScript by Joel Solon

ObjectScript samples for use with the ObjectScript tutorial. Meant for use with InterSystems IRIS Data Platform.

Object Synchronization by Jose Tomas Salvador

Sample project to play with IRIS Object Synchronization feature

Https-Proxy-IRIS-Docker by Guillaume Rongier

Sample of an Https proxy for Intersystems Iris with docker

iris-webgateway-example by Dmitry Maslennikov

Example of containerised IRIS with separate Apache and WebGateway

iris-mirror-with-docker by Dmitry Maslennikov

Docker compose environment with demo IRIS configured with Mirroring

Fast & Informative WEB API/Proxy by Sourabh Sethi

Informative and Fast WEB API VIA ObjectScript and Ensemble/HealthShare

PivotSubscriptions by Peter Steiwer

Subscribe to Pivot Tables in InterSystems IRIS Business Intelligence to receive scheduled emails

ObjectScript Package Manager by Evgeny Shvarov

Package Manager for InterSystems IRIS

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