· Jun 22, 2023

Developer Community Release, June 2023

Mycroft Core Release Notes: 8/14/2017 - Mycroft

Welcome to the June'23 Developer Community Release!

We're stoked to share with you the latest improvements we've made to the usability of the Developer Community:

📌 Location in bio

📌 New filters in search by Members 

📌 Job Opportunities 

📌 Ideas Portal on the About page

Let's have a closer look at all these updates.

Adding location to your bio

Now, if you wish, you can share your location with other members of the Community. To do it, go to your profile and scroll down to the Account settings:

As a result, everyone will see your location on your profile page:

Using filters when searching for members

To make it easier to find the person you're looking for, we've added some, hopefully, useful filters:

  • Certified members
  • Contributors
  • Moderators
  • Team

So you can filter by members who have successfully passed the InterSystems certification, who are moderators or DC team, and who contribute to the community.

New UI for the Job Opportunity

For those of you looking for an employee or employer, we've enhanced the Job Opportunity form to make it more user-friendly.

Now, if you add the tag Job Opportunity to your post, you will see new fields to fill in some of which are required:

And after the post is published there will be structured info at the top:

Ideas Portal on the About page

The latest official addition to the Developer Ecosystem - Ideas Portal - made it to the Ecosystem page of the About Us menu:

Welcome to the Developer Ecosystem, Ideas' Portal team. We wish you the best!

That's it for now! Hope you like our updates!

See you next time 🤗

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