· May 7, 2019

Developer Community May 2019 Release

Hi Community!

Here is Developer Community May 2019 release.

What's new:

  • Spanish Community beta
  • Ease of voting
  • Weekly email digests

Check the details below.

Spanish Community beta

We introduced a beta version of InterSystems Developer Community in Spanish. We are very excited about that.  Stay tuned for the official launch of Spanish Community! Please start postings, translations, and submit issues and enhancement requests.

Ease of voting

With this release, you are able to vote for articles and questions on the main feed without opening the standalone posts' page. Of course, you still ought to open the page to vote for comments and answers.

Weekly email digests

With this release, you would be able to subscribe for weekly digests of DC postings. You can find these options in your subscription settings page. If you had a monthly digest subscription you automatically will have this weekly one.

This will start working next week. With no more bugs, hopefully.

We also introduced a set of cosmetic enhancements and some bugfixes which you are able to review here.

And here is the plan for the next month - stay tuned and submit your feature requests and bug reports!

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