Murali krishnan · Mar 24, 2017

Deployment through cache terminal

would like to know how to execute deployments through cache terminal..Are are there any function or scripts available for deploying ? Is there any direct cache command similar to GUI-deploy that will deploy ?


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You can use $system.OBJ.Load() or LoadDIr() to load source from disk.

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If you have only classes and globals you can use

do $System.OBJ.Export("Package*.CLS,*.DFI","release.xml")

to export the classes and DFIs to file,

Do $System.OBJ.Export("Class*D.GBL","globals.xml")

to export globals to file in the /mgr folder of your namespace.

And use Class Import page of the Control Panel (http://yourhost:57772/csp/sys/exp/%25CSP.UI.Portal.ClassList.zen) to import classes or globals:

Or call in terminal:

$system.OBJ.Load(path to a file.xml) 

As Benjamin mentioned before.