· Oct 27, 2023

[On-Demand Webinar] Analytics Capabilities using InterSystems IRIS

Hi Community,

We're excited to share with you the recording of the next webinar in the series of InterSystems UKI Tech Talk:

👉 Analytics Capabilities using InterSystems IRIS 👈

In this tech talk, we put the spotlight on analytics capabilities developers have using both InterSystems IRIS data platform and InterSystems IRIS for Health, including the following ones.

  • Adaptive Analytics allows developers to create a business-oriented virtual OLAP model layer between InterSystems IRIS and popular BI client tools like Microsoft Excel and Power BI, or Tableau. By having a centralised common data model, enterprises solve the problem of differing definitions and calculations to provide their end users with one consistent view of business metrics and data characterisation. 
  • Embedded real-time analytics that can be created directly on transactional data model and a fully automated synchronisation option avoids the need for ETL processing.
  • Columnar Storage is a new storage option for IRIS SQL tables that offers an order-of-magnitude faster analytical queries compared to traditional row storage on IRIS. $vector as a new data type to support columnar storage for SQL tables. 

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We trust that you'll find this webinar to be valuable 😉

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