· May 28, 2016 3m read

DeepSee Listing Groups


This article is about DeepSee Listing Groups, a new DeepSee feature that was introduced in release 2015.2.

DeepSee Listings have always been a part of DeepSee.  DeepSee Listing Groups provide increased flexibility by allowing you to create new DeepSee Listings without modifying the cube definition.

What is a DeepSee Listing?

Before discussing DeepSee Listing Groups, let's review DeepSee Listings.

DeepSee has always had the ability to drill through to the detailed records. DeepSee Listings define what you see when you drill through.

When you are viewing a DeepSee pivot table, each cell displays a value that represents a specific set of data. Let's use an example based on the HoleFoods cube in the SAMPLES namespace.  If you have a pivot table with Product Category on rows, Region on columns, and using the Revenue measure, each cell represents the sum of Revenue for all the transactions for a specific Product Category and Region.


If you select the cell that represents Seafood sold in Europe, you can drill through to get a listing for the set of records that represent Seafood sold in Europe.