· Jan 3, 2017

Deciphering Error Messages

When deciphering an error message (<MAXSTRING>main+45^LBZNSJHCACUPLB), my understanding is the error offset is 45 lines from "main".  If there are "go sub" entries within this 45 lines, do you count the lines in the "go sub" section or do you do a straight count of lines ignoring the "go sub" section?

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Counts only lines which appear in the final "INT" code.  If you working with MAC code, you may open INT by pressing Ctrl+Shift+V in the Studio. And then you can go to this needed line wit dialog called by Ctrl+Shift+G, Where you should put 'label+line' or just '+line'. If you Studio says, that no other sources, you should check flag "Keep Generated Source Code" and add compiler flag "k" in the Studio options and recompile your routine.