Jeffrey Orlin · Dec 15, 2015

Date/time might be more useful as last updated and displaying the # of comments more consistent and a missing group

It seems that the date/time displayed on a post is when it was initially created. It might be more useful for this to be the time of the last comment and posts in a discussion could be ordered by time of last comment.  

Some listings display the # of comments, others do not. It would be useful if this could be more consistent.

In the "Trending topics" box there is a subtitle "Databases". The other topics here seem to be group names but if I got to Find->Groups, I don't see databases listed. Yet if click on Databases in Trending Topics, the navigation bar looks like Home / Databases as if it is actually a group.


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Yes, topics should be sorted by their "modification time" (i.e. when they were originally created or have been updated with newer comment).