· Mar 3, 2022

Customizing SDA in HealthInsight - excluded tables

i'm trying to extend both the MemberEnrollment and the MedicalClaim objects in HS.  The CareProvider is perfect for some of my extensions (Operating provider, referring provider, third-party insurer), but the documentation says


I need something that is just like a CareProvider, and I will be using the CarePRoviderType as a CodeTableDetail.  


Why is CareProvider excluded?  Does this mean I can't add property HS.Local.SDA3.MemberEnrollment.PHPProvider as HS.SDA3.CodeTableDetail.CareProvider?  


What is a better solution? Yes, this is also going to go to HealthInsight, so I'll need an analogous table in HSAA.




Product version: HealthShare 2019.2
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I don't have to, although a future project will have many of these same extensions (of type CareProvider), and I might want to add a translation of their Codes.

Also, I was able to add the equivalent property to HealthInsight, and I see that it is getting fed into Analytics, even as type CareProvider.  So I think what you're going to say is, I can use these types in SDA extensions and in HSAA extensions; they just can't be used in terminology / CodeProfile / translation.

Property MyProvider as HSAA>Internal.Interface.CodeTableDetail.CareProvider