· Feb 25, 2020

CSP - using cspbind dynamically


I'm trying to create a form on a csp page, with input elements binding to data using the cspbind attribute.

All is working fine when i use string literal as in



But trying  to set the attribute to runtime expression  doesn't work for me, i.e:

cspbind= #(..EscapeHTML(query1.GetData(col)))#


 The same rt expression produce the desired string when used in other elements, i.e:

<p> #(..EscapeHTML(query1.GetData(col)))# </p>  

-> will produce 'UserName' on page.

Are there any known limitations for this attribute?   

I'm using version:

Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2015.2 (Build 664


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