· Apr 7, 2020

CSP Translation

Hi guys,

I have read thos two links how to translate CSP application


I have exported strings to XML


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<MsgFile Language="sk">

   <MsgDomain Domain="webshop">

      <Message Id="39797752">Môj účet</Message>

      <Message Id="124909007">Kontakujte nás</Message>

      <Message Id="207152028">Obchod</Message>

      <Message Id="223152381">${description}</Message>

      <Message Id="766317539">Jazyk</Message>

      <Message Id="1300400609">Odhlásiť sa</Message>

      <Message Id="2256300634">O nás</Message>

      <Message Id="2418076265">Mena</Message>

      <Message Id="3900507555">Potrebujete poradiť?</Message>

      <Message Id="4097111893">Hotline:</Message>



Hovewer on my webpage special characters are not shown correctly. I have html lan set to SK, also metacharset is set to UTF-8 and in my webpage are string like this" Odhl�si? sa, M�j �?et


This is code in HTML

<csp:text language="#(%session.Data("language"))#">My Account</csp:text>
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