CSP Gateway | Error Condition: Failed to read posted content from the client

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Hello experts,

I'm new to InterSystems software and still not so familiar with it. Therefore I do apologize in front if this question is irrelevant, not making sense or answer is commonly known.

I've did my best in search for answer, but unfortunately i haven't found anything helpfull. So I decided to ask for help here.


My problem is repetitive error which occure in CSP Gateway event log : 

Error Condition: Failed to read posted content from the client (Content-Length: 1404; Data Actually Read: 0; Read Error: 70007)

It occure approximately 40 times a day. Customers do not report any specific problems, but it's still in my concern to solve errors.


I was looking for explanation of error in various documentations : 


internal CSP gatewat Help

Also google error message

However my search was not successful. 


Can any of you experts explain to me what is causing this error ? Is it server side problem ? Should I be worried ? 

Thank you in advance for any advice or hint.


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Hello Luk,

I have seen "Error Condition: Failed to read posted content from the client" due to a quirk in how IE resends some requests after a network timeout. This discussion on stackoverflow describes the IE behavior I saw that resulted in these messages:


I would try to isolate what CSP requests are causing the messages.