· Aug 1, 2022

CORRECTED NUMBERS: What were the most popular sessions at Global Summit 2022? Find out.


Hi Community:

Interesting stats from Global Summit 2022. 

The 15 most popular sessions, in order by attendance numbers, were

  1. Getting to Know FHIR: The Best Explanation of FHIR They’ve Ever Heard (137)
  2. Health Connect Cloud (111)
  3. Using Python with InterSystems IRIS (107)
  4. Analytics with InterSystems: New & Next (104)
  5. InterSystems IRIS FHIR SQL Builder: Sneak Peek (76)
  6. API Management with InterSystems IRIS (72)
  7. Ten Times Faster Queries with Columnar Storage (71)
  8. The Future of Healthcare on the Cloud: Containers/ Kubernetes (71)
  9. Embedded Python Use Cases (70)
  10. How InterSystems Supports the CMS & ONC Regulations as well as Prior Authorization (69)
  11. Semantic Interoperability at Healthix: Using Managed Terminology with HealthShare (68)
  12. Unified Care Record: New & Next (66)
  13. The Data Architecture that Leaves You Glueless (64)
  14. Updates in Security (62)
  15. Patient Experience and the EHR (61)

Interesting ... Number 1, "Getting to Know FHIR: The Best Explanation of FHIR They've Ever Heard" was at 137 participants the most popular session. We had to increase the attendance cap several times. What's more, our global marketing manager reported that some attendees registered for Global Summit just to take this four-hour special workshop. 

Two thirds of the attendees identified themselves as developers or technical, which points to a need for more FHIR training, even for customers with technical roles. What do you think?

Our sessions have been moved to our Online Learning site here>.

You'll find many of the keynote presentations here >.




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