Converting RecordMap to Batch


Has anybody successfully taken a recordmap business service to business operation integration and converted it into a Batch pipeline?  I am trying to wrap my head around the documentation ( and cant seem to get this to the finish line, what I end up with is publishing a batch record with exactly one record in it in real-time while when I really want to excersise the RollOver limit of about 50 records.  I have no requirement for fancy headers or trailers, just multiple records.


Here was my process:

1. created a BatchRecord, by taking the original recordmap, specifying a new name for the batch record, and compiling the record map.  This generates a Batch class.  It generates it with the correct 'Records' cardinality of the recordmap I created it from.

What I have now is the business service is successfully sending BatchRecords (with one record in it) to the business process.

2. Instead of just an FTPOperation, I used:

Extends EnsLib.RecordMap.Operation.BatchFTPOperation

This is my understanding that the operation can now accept either a batch object, a single record object, or a RollOver request.

3.  Then,  I setup the operation with the following settings:

I check "UseDefaultBatch" - my understanding here is that if a Record comes in, it will add it to the DefaultBatchClass when shipping it out.

I declare "DefaultBatchClass" as the one generated from the record map above.

I do not specify a rolleroverschedule.

I do not check to writeEmptyBatches.

I set a RollOver limit kinda low, lets say 5 for testing.

I do not check "DelayDefaultBatchOUtput"

I do not specify an alternate "IntermediateFilePath"

I do specify the appropriate RecordMap.

What I get back is a BatchResponse (which is expected), but no matter how I turn the dials to generate the batch, I always just get a Batch Object sent to the target with exactly one record in it.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong ?





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