· Apr 11, 2018

Converting the MDM^T02 to ORU^RO1

we are receiving the MDM document from one Data Source , we need to convert the MDM to ORU to send to the receiving Data Source.
Does HS components could make this conversion or we need to use Ensemble mapping to convert the MDM to ORU message?


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There are multiple options.  If this is only a pass-through interface and you are not storing the MDM data in HealthShare ECR, then you can use DTL to convert the MDM to ORU.   If you are storing the data in HS, then the HS converts the HL7 into SDA and stores the SDA.   You can then use push framework to transform the SDA into ORU message for the receiving data source. 

Note that HS interprests ORU as "RES" type of events and MDM as "DOC" type of events.  For discharge summary and notes, these should be sent to HS as MDM.