Mike Henderson · Apr 20, 2016

Consistent window/tab names

When a class is opened from the Atelier explorer the full classname is used as the tab name. However classes opened from the server explorer only use the class shortname.

It would be nice to always use full classnames so it is easier to navigate open files:

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There seems to be a few defects here which we could tidy up. For both Atelier Explorer the Tab shows just the name of the class ( no package information) but there is hover help which shows the full name (albeit in a format that is not ideal). For example, for my class, project ABC.User.New.cls I see ABC/User/New.cls. For Server explorer we don't have the popup but we do have the bread crumbs. I think it would be a good idea to extend the breadcrumbs to the Atelier Explorer.  However I'm not seeing the popup window that you show above Mike. Could you please post details on how to show this so I can make a better determination as what to do?

Open enough tabs to get the >> chevron icon on the far right of tab bar. Clicking it will list all the tabs including the hidden ones.