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Connect Google Data Studio to DeepSee

Previously I have already tried to play with Google Data Studio when I connected it to InterSystems FHIRaaS. It has quite a nice UI, with a few chart types available out of the box, it can be quite easily connected to some plain tables (stored as CSV or JSON, for instance), and gives the ability to build quite flexible analytics over it. So, I have decided to implement a new connector to InterSystems Analytics (DeepSee), with the ability to select a cube and do some queries on it.

Google Data Studio. has no way to support DeepSee Dashboards or Pivots, but it's possible to use Cube as the source of data there. Cube in DeepSee has measures and filters, which can be translated to metrics and dimensions in Data Studio. 


You will need Google Account and access to Apps Script and Data Studio itself. I have shared my project with everybody, so, you can test it. To acquire access to my project, you have to open this link. Then open Data Studio and go to Settings, and tick on Enable developer options for community connectors, and save

This will give access to install Connectors in development. No Create a new Data Source, and select Build Your Own

There you may enter Deployment ID AKfycbybyGaRvGfwHZG2DuMrxxoX89zAtYERo25POZNNTS_Lb-GpYRsf4xlpGmV7335nJT37VQ (You may find it in the project in Apps Script). Enter it, and press Validate, If you have access, you will be able to see the new Tile, which you can click to go further 

Then you have to Authorize. And while it's still in development, and has not been approved, Google will warn you about it, so, click on Advanced (you will get a few warnings by email from Google after that), and click on the link at the bottom. The project just needs access to external resources, and ask for permission for it


Connect to Data

After that, you should be able to see this form, where the Path field is for the URL to your DeepSee REST, including Namespace. Username and Password are mandatory as well. For demo purposes, you may enter 

or Path:
Username: _SYSTEM
Password: SYS

It will validate access through DeepSee REST and shows a select Box, with the list of cubes available on the selected server, select Cube, and press Connect

Filters and Measures from the server for the selected cube will be added on the next screen as Fields. Here is good to check the type was selected for the fields, and it's also possible to add some more fields, with formulas if needed

Then there are two options, Explorer just a simple view

Or Report, where you can place charts as you wish, and report may build charts from different Data Sources (different Cubes, for instance)

And, it's possible to configure Email delivery for the report and get a PDF version on the regular basis

Some demo report is available here

Please vote for the project, on the contest

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