· Jan 31, 2017

Configuring IIS Web Server to Serve RESTful Web Services


Im curious if there is any specific configuration that has to be done on an IIS web server to serve up RESTful web services.

I have a server that has IIS installed, with the CSP gateway.  a second server that has Cache installed on it.

I have configured a web application using the Cache System Management Portal for the web services that has a dispatch class pointing to my dispatch class.

I have created an application mapping in my CSP Gateway Management Portal on the web server such that url's with /webservices prefix are routed to my cache server.

There is a virtual directory created on the web server in IIS for /webservices that has appropriate extensions configured for .csp and .cls.

However, when I try to use the REST tool within Chrome to access a working restful web service it is timing out with no response.

Im thinking that perhaps the problem is that when you are accessing a RESTful web service you are not really accessing any document with any extension and therefore the web server doesn't know what to do with the request.

Thanks in advance


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