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Compare Apache Logs to Yandex Metrika (Google Analytics analogue)

Have you heard about some restrictions in cookies for tracking visitors to your sites?

One of our clients asked me about how to know really count of visitors.

Their site works on WordPress framework, hosted on classical NAMP hosting.

They can see some statistics from Yandex Metrika conter, but we was not sure about full coverage.

We gave him the AWStats, it takes data from Apache log files on hosting.

But there were no filter of robots and hearbeat systems such as UptimeRobot or Search Engines indexing robots.


After that we decided to get data in IRIS BI for two reasons:

- make dashboards with custom filters to remove hits from robots

- compare data from Apache and from Yandex Metrika to understand deviation level between data


So we made PHP script which read logfile and converts in to CSV file.

CSVGEN package retrieve this file to IRIS.

Next PHP script fetch data from Yandex Metrika and also converts it to another CSV file.

Build IRIS BI dashboards for first and second data source.

Connected AtScale to IRIS to fetch data and

in AtScale built Cube for connect two datasources and to compare data in next Dashboard.

After that we had connected MS PowerBI to AtScale server and made there Dashboards.

Next we did Tableau dashboards connected to the AtScale server.

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