· Dec 27, 2023

Code Quality Checks: Javascript

Is it possible to get a code quality stamp of approval on the Open Exchange with an application written in Javascript?

My Iris Whiz application is a browser extension written in Javascript and I wonder if having the code quality stamp missing from my application page will put people off from using it.


Product version: IRIS 2023.3
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Apologies if the following sounds stupid, this is my first adventure creating a browser extension in Javascript on Github and my first listing on the Open Exchange. Stupid or not, I'd rather ask the questions anyway 😁

This all seems designed around InterSystems ObjectScript libraries, which my app is not. I'm not able to download applications on my work PC so the whole docker process is out the window for me.

If I simply add this objectscript-quality.yml file to my root folder does Open Exchange run it when I submit my next app version and analyse my code?

I'd assume because there's no objectscript in my code that this objectscript code quality action wouldn't do anything? Or would I get a pass for having no objectscript at all?