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In Cache Studio under the View/Find in Files.  Anyone knows how to search multiple words in the string?   For example,

In my routines 1, it has "Patient Name   Test Name    Provider    Address   Status  " and

In my routine 2 , it has "Patient Name   Test Name    Provider    Address "

In my routines 3, it has "Patient Name      Address "

 When I search, I want to search all the routines, it has the words  Provider and Status which I want it returns only routine 1 because it has both words "Provider and Status".   Thank you very much for your help.

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I'm not sure where it is in a documentation.  But you can use mask search here, where * is any number of symbols and ?. So, you can try this string, Provider * Status, and it should find any files, where will be found line with this two words in the same order