Bill Asby · May 20, 2016

Cache ODBC installed on Win7, but not listed in Ctrl Panel - ODBC Data Sources


I ran the Cache ODBC Driver installer as Administrator on my Windows 7 PC this morning. It completed successfully with o indication of any issues. When I check installed programs and features via Win 7 Control Panel, I see it listed as Intersystems ODBC Driver 1.00.000.

However, when I try to configure the driver via Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Data Sources (ODBC), I cannot find it. The only driver listed under the Drivers Tab is SQL Server.


I am not sure how to proceed.


I appreciate any suggestions.



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32-bit driver or 64-bit? "User DSN" or "System DSN"?

32-bit driver


And what is the version of Cache', is it 32-bit similarly? 

I figured this out thanks to the info provided by Timur.

The Win7 -  Control Panel - Data Sources (ODBC) was running the 64 bit version by default.

I manually browsed to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ and ran Odbcad32.exe and was able to add my Cache configuration.