· Nov 20, 2023

Cache ODBC driver error "Message sequencing error"

I tried both the latest 32-bit and 64-bit Cache ODBC drivers, but I’m getting this “Message sequencing error” when I attempt to connect to the Cache server.  Client is a Windows Server 2022. Server is a 2008 version of Cache ( or customer thinks). I’ve tried a number of things without success.  If I enter invalid credentials I do get the quick “Access Denied” response.  But when I have the proper IP/port/namespace/credentials I consistently get this error below.  Google shows others struggle with that error, but no resolution.  I’m suspicious that the version of ODBC needs to be in synch with the server, but I don’t know that for sure. 

Static Cursors Support = 0, Unicode SQL Types = 0

Connect Error See CacheODBC.log for details

[Cache ODBC][State: 08S01][Native Code 452]


Message sequencing error.

Connectivity test failed.

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