Cache JDBC get row id of the table while inserting the data

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JDBC, SQL, Caché

HI I am using below code to retrieve the last inserted ID of the table. It works when we do not set any custom column as IDKey. If we define any column as 

IDKey below code does not return any IDKey. I know when i am defining any column as IDKey its not auto generated , but whats the best way to get the ID column value

            String sql = "INSERT INTO TestFramework_UI_Data.Execution (TotalTestSteps) VALUES (0)";
            //ResultSet rs = createExecutionSt.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM TestFramework_E2E_Data_TestData.TestCases");
            int t = createExecutionSt.executeUpdate(sql,Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS);
            ResultSet rsLatest = createExecutionSt.getGeneratedKeys();