Cache Database

Why we are not using database of join (inner join and outer join) concept. How to we are retrieving the data from different tables in cache. Any Concepts are using in Cache database to retrieve the data.


Caché fully supports INNER and OUTER JOINs, so I'm not sure what the question or problem is here.  Do you have a query that's not working?

What do you mean by 'unstructured database'?

Is Cache unstructured database?. How to find a particular data in database ? Sql search by row and coloumn . How to search in Cache  ? . 

You can store both structured and unstructured data in Cache. Thus you can retrieve this data. For structured data you can use regular SQL, XML or Object approach and others (JSON etc...). For unstructured data we have iKnow technology that allows to search such data. Please visit our documentation pages andf filter product to Cache.