Daniel Tamajon · Aug 17, 2018

CachéQuality updates and Roadmap

Hi Community!

We are proud to annouce our latest release of CachéQuality to help you to find and solve coding errors, refactoring, help to follow you coding guidelines, etc. You can check the latest release notes here.

We also want to share the most important hints in our roadmap for version 2.0, which will be available on next months:

  • Integration with your CachéQuality server for Cache Studio
  • Integration with your CachéQuality server for Atelier
  • Integration with your CachéQuality server for Visual Studio
  • Code Coverage
  • ObjectScript analysis for IRIS Platform

Remember to visit us on or browse our demo on

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Daniel:  Is there something wrong with the contact page on  I tried submitting a message and it responds with an error message about only wanting humans contacting them.  I'm trying to decide if I should be insulted.

Ben, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. It was the Botcha protection detecting you as a robot. It is now solved!

Hi, Daniel!

You mentioned Code Coverage - what do you mean? Is it a test coverage? 

Hi Evgeny,

When we refer to Code Coverage we mean "how many source code has been tested". We measure Code Coverage on the Unit Test execution.

As ObjectScript does not have an official Unit Test Framework, we will provide such Framework. Or if a customer has a custom Unit Test Framework, we will help to include some modifications to allow Code Coverage to be measured.

Sounds great. Do you have any  Test Coverage demo available?

Not for now, we expect to have it available on next weeks.