· Sep 7, 2016

Caché on new hardware

A question from Benjamin Linden:

We are looking to upgrade the hardware for our server.

Do we need to buy a new Caché license? Or can we keep using the one we have?


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It depends on a number of factors including the version of Caché, the processors, the number of cores, whether your OS changes, bitness changes etc and whether it is a perpetual or subscription license.

You are best to engage with the WRC and your InterSystems sales representative so that they can guide you through the process.   

Benjamin -

If you are moving to a distinctly new hardware platform (e.g. Windows to Linux) or 32 to 64 bit platform InterSystems will charge you for an upgrade. If you do not have current support for Cache you will have an upgrade charge.

But check with InterSystems or your representative because InterSystems can sometimes be flexible in pricing.

Tom Fitzgibbon | Multidata | 347-464-8531