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Steve Brunner · Oct 7, 2016

Caché and Ensemble 2016.2.0 Release

InterSystems is happy to announce the availability of our newest Data Platforms release: Caché and Ensemble 2016.2

The highlights of 2016.2 are:

  • Server support for Atelier, the new Eclipse-based IDE
  • Support for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect
  • SQL syntax has been enriched with support for JSON
  • SQL improvements and performance enhancements

For complete technical details of what’s changed in 2016.2, review the Caché release notes and the Ensemble release notes.  Additional materials have been posted to the InterSystems Developer Community

Atelier is available separately and the initial release will be announced separately.  This is expected within a few weeks.

2016.2.0 is available for all supported platforms, including these new platforms:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for x86-64 as a development platform
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, 7 in Microsoft Azure for x86-64

For a complete set of the platforms supported, including specific point releases and patches, see the Supported Platforms Document.   The build corresponding to this release is 2016.2.0.736.0

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The supported platforms document link is dead.

Happy about "Improved performance of production configuration page in management portal." in 16.2.

From where I can download the Cache 2016.2 Enterprise version.

Assuming you are a supported customer, you can download this from the Distributions page in the WRC application.

Would appreciate how do we install a patch on Redhat Linux?