· Jun 11, 2020

Building an Interactive WebSocket-based CRUD Application, using Node.js and IRIS Natively on Windows

If you're interested in building a browser-based CRUD application for maintaining data on IRIS, check out the detailed, step-by-step tutorial at:

To get a preview of the application you'll build in the tutorial, along with background on its technology stack, watch this video:

In summary, the key features and technologies that you'll be using and building out in this tutorial include:

- fully responsive interactive browser-based application - will also display correctly on a mobile browser

- use of WebSockets between the browser and the Node.js back-end

- integration of Node.js and IRIS (or Cache) on a Windows platform, using the Open Source, high-performance  mg-dbx APIs

- use of WebComponents, specifically using the mg-webComponents framework

- use of the Bootstrap-based SB Admin 2 themed User Interface

- dynamically-loaded front-end components: no compilation or bundling steps and complex build chain required

- use of QEWD at the back-end and the QEWD-Client ES6 Module for browser integration

- direct comparison of IRIS persistent classes and SQL, and a corresponding data structure using the QEWD-JSdb projection on top of IRIS

- demonstration of user authentication and QEWD Session management

- demonstration of full CRUD cycle implemented via a single WebComponent

- JSON data inter-communication at all layers

So it's a treasure-trove of all the very latest technologies, explained in detail, step by simple step.

Everything is free and fully Open Source, so there's no excuse not to give it a try!

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