· Apr 11, 2022

Best practise Provide & Register Document Set via Ensemble 2017.2

Hi all,

I am looking for a best practise approach for providing an ITI-41 based webservice to allow a subsystem to send a provide and register document set transaction via webservice route the request to a registry and loop back the response from the repository to the originating service. Since we need to use Ensemb le 2017.2 I am looking for a best practise to takle that reuirement. As for health connect I could prove a webservice wich supports the named IHE transaction and route it to the registry quite simple. Anyway how would you cope with this requirement under Ensemble?

I donßt need to alter information passed in to Ensemble before routing it to the repository. My question rather belong to the interfaces for service and operations as well as message classes to use. From my understanding we would need to supply a functional SOAP servive covering the interactions named in ITI-41.

best regars,

Product version: Ensemble 2017.1
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