Ponnumani Gurusamy · Aug 11, 2016

Beginner of Cache

I am learning cache in beginning level . But confused .Give an idea for how to i learn cache easily and improve programming level

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Hello Ponnumani.

There are a few resources you can use.

We have tutorials in our documentation. If you use the link below

or open the documentation in your instance, you'll see that there are links to tutorials and guides on the side of the page.

You can also select the specific technology you're interested in.  

Additionally, has online courses such as Caché Objectscript Basics that can be of help.

Hi Ponnumani,

As mentioned above, has online courses to help you learn about Caché.

To start, I recommend going through the Learning Caché for Developers Resource Guide at This will provide you a list and order for working through available online classes as well as other resources such as documentation and videos. 

After that, I would recommend going through any of the other 19 Resource Guides that cover topics you need to learn. Resource Guides are a great way to start learning a new topic.

To see all resources available in the online catalog, go to  the Browse Catalog link at the top From there you can filter the resources based on product, role and type of resource.

Good luck with your learning!