· Sep 16, 2022 1m read

Background story around interoperability-soap

My team is working on redesigning and implementing an Ensemble production on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. We had to learn about Kubernetes and IKO.

We have webgateway pods that route incoming web traffic to compute pods where the Interoperability production is running.

Recently we had trouble while testing a SOAP interface. It’s a Generic SOAP Service passing a SOAP message to a Generic SOAP Operation. Sounds simple enough.

I got 404 response when we sent from Postman requests to the load balancer for our IRIS cluster. I could see the request in webgateway Access Log. I did not see any messages received by the SOAP Service.

I wanted to have a way to troubleshoot where the breakdown was. I created this app to learn what happened inside the compute IRIS instance. Once I had deployed the interoperability-soap app just using docker-compose, I configured the SOAP Operation to use the proper SSL Config, Server, and URL. I sent a test message from Postman and I got 200 OK response. So I knew it was supposed to be working.

Last night I tried to send the request from Postman directly to compute instance – bypassing webgateway – and I saw 200 OK response. The problem is the webgateway configuration.

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