· May 28, 2018

Atelier - does it work on the Mac

Hi - is anyone successfully using Atelier on a Mac? I seemed to have installed everything correctly but I cannot create Atelier projects or edit mac routines. Eclipse is giving a lot of spurious errors. I have yet to find anyone that has a good word to say about Eclipse and they all use other IDEs but that's what Intersystems have chosen. If people are able to use it on the Mac then fine, I'll just carry on googling... Thanks

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Thanks for answering. I think the problems are on the eclipse side. Using the oomph installer that the eclipse website steers you at is a bust. So eventually I decided to install using brew but I could only get information for the php package - brew cask install eclipse-php. What is the package name for JavaScript/web that we are advised to install? Anyhow I was able to create a cache routine in Atelier in this php version of the ide. Interesting to see how this plays out but the look and feel of the editor seems so amateurish compared to studio.